The bear Sandy made for me was exquisite-an heirloom. I teared up when I saw it as it was made from my late husband’s tie collection.  I’m having bears and bunnies made for myself and my 3 children and know they will be thrilled when they see them, as I was.  Nancy B.

The bag arrived yesterday. It did not disappoint! I love it and it was so beautifully presented. Thanks so much! –P.T.

In remembrance of my Grandmother, my family ordered two bears and one bunny from Sandy. We were extremely impressed by Sandy’s dedication and product design. The high quality and precision she delivered brought the product to life. Sandy provided me the perfect way to remember my Grandma. I would definitely recommend her services. –A. Hall

Sandy’s work is amazing! She is dedicated to finding the patterns, materials and concepts that make the perfect project match. She created an adorable stuffed rabbit for my daughter’s birth that now acts as my daughter’s favorite tea party playmate, and more recently she created a custom dress for me as a special occasion dress. She was incredibly professional – from helping to locate high quality materials, listening to my needs and interests, accommodating fitting schedules and delivering the final product in a timely fashion. Her work is quality and beauty – I would be proud to recommend her to anyone I know! –Kendra Biller

The apron is great! I love it!! I would start cooking just to wear one of your aprons. My friend will love it. Thanks. –M. Anderson

Sandy crafted a memory bear for me out of my late father’s ties. The bear arrived and he was AMAZING ! I would not use the word memory bear but rather an heirloom bear! I took him to my Mom wrapped as a gift from my family and She opened the bag and pulled out “Mr. Lyle” and just started to cry as she touch each tie my dad had once worn. She could not have asked for a better use of Dad’s ties and Mr Lyle is now sitting in my Dad’s chair with his arm on the chairs armrest and is ready to listen to my Mom talk to him! He will be cherished by my Mom more than anything I could ever have gotten her. THANK YOU SANDY for your talents and love you pour into making these for people. You will never regret ordering one of Sandy’s items! She is wonderful to work with and her talents are one of a kind! Sue                        

The custom tie bear was even more adorable in person than the picture you sent me. Thanks a million. I haven’t smiled much since my dad’s sudden passing but i did today. I haven’t looked forward to much either but i rushed home to get the package. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I will definitely be recommending Iseam2remember.

J Conner 002