I learned to sew when I was 14 years old and it has always been my passion.  Garments, home décor, tailoring, quilting and needlework, I love it all.    I have always sewn for my family making garments, doll clothes, stuffed animals, tailored suits and even my daughter’s wedding dress,  and I bring all my experiences to what I sew.

When my wonderful Mother-in-law passed away several years ago, the hospice nurse mentioned to our family that they had people on staff that make teddy bears from the loved ones garments.  I thought, I CAN DO THAT! “, and my sister’s-in-law loved what I made for them.  They encouraged me to share my skills with others.  Sharing what I create with you brings me so much joy.  I love what I do and love even more that it brings joy and a connection to your loved ones to you.